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Ask the Experts - Multiple medical specialists on the theory of a covid-pandemic

Dr Simone Gold - The Truth about the CV19 Vaccine

Dr Eric A Nepute - Masks are killing you

Karel van Wolferen - Cafe Weltschmerz

Dell Bigtree - Doctor demands Audit of COVID-Deaths

Mask Production

Dr Tom Cowan - The Science of mRNA-Vaccines

Dell Bigtree - It´s common Sense

Police joins Anti-Lockdown Protesters - Vienna 31.1.2021

Dr Vernon Coleman - This is a War - Riche Allen 25.1.2021

The World Freedom Alliance

Dr Vernon Coleman brakes down over mounting Number of mRNA Casualties

Dr Carrie Madej - Planet Lockdown - Full Interview

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi - Aktuelle Stellungnahme - 31.1.2021

Ask The Experts 2 - BBC Panorama Response

Co2 Levels behind the Mask

Global Apartheid, with Sabbatian-ruled Israel Leading the Way - David Icke

Doctor Tenpenny exposes deadly Dangers of Pzifer and Johnson&Johnson Covid-"Vaccines" - Alex Jones

The facts about COVID - Canadian Doctors speak out

First Court-Case against mandatory Vaccination - Spiro Skouras interviews Attorney

Dr Anne McCloskey - Freedom Alliance

Dr Vernon Coleman - Urgent Message to the World

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi - Interview - April 2021

The coming COVID Catastrophe - Mai 2021

Quarantine the Vaxxed! - Mai 2021

School bans vaccinated Teachers - Mai 2021

Are the Vaxxed added to the IOT ? - Not verified

World renown Doctor blows Lid of Covid-Vaccine - June 2021

Nobel Prize Winner Professor Luc Montagnier on Covide-vaccines